The Marriage Challenge

A Growing Movement of Great Marriages

Your marriage can be great!

The Marriage Challenge is for every husband and wife. It was designed to challenge hurting marriages to be healed but also to challenge great marriages to be even better.

Don’t Wait Till It’s “Too Late”

We created this Challenge because we were tired of couples waiting until it was “too late” before they sought help. Why wait? Start NOW!

  • Be proactive and challenge your marriage to be better
  • Turn your good marriage into a great marriage
  • Take steps now to prevent divorce from rearing its ugly head in the distant future
  • Set an example for others to prioritize their marriage
  • Enjoy your spouse even more

No couple ever plans for a divorce.

The problem is that no couple ever plans for a great marriage either. This challenge will help you to plan for greatness.

If you accept and complete this challenge, you will also have the opportunity to anonymously nominate 2 couples to accept the challenge, and thereby help the grassroots movement of great marriages to continue to grow.

Free Challenge, Free Vacation!

By the way, did we mention that this entire Marriage Challenge is completely, 100% free? Upon successful completion of all steps, couples will receive a free get-away together. The entire challenge is funded by Grassroots Marriages — a local non-profit, 501(c)(3) Community Development Corporation – a growing movement of great marriages in our community. Grassroots Marriages is supported by corporate grants and your generous personal donations.


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